Fedora on Dell E1505/Core Duo 2 7400/ATI X1400

Ubuntu works reasonably, but I wanted to see how Fedora Core 6 performs. Here are the agonies and ecstasies !

Step 1: install Fedora Core 6

Worked fine. It recognized the ATI X1400 and so was able to install, unlike Ubuntu which hung up. But the screen resolution is 1400 X 1050 instead of 1680 X 1050. Possibly need to download the drivers fron ATI.

The Fedora core 6 recognized the dual core CPU.

Step 2: Wired Networking

Networking. Interestingly the network is not working. Need to figure out why.

Step 3 : Wireless Networking

The intel wireless drivers are at http://downloadfinder.intel.com/scripts-df-external/filter_results.aspx?strTypes=all&ProductID=2259&OSFullName=Linux*〈=eng&strOSs=39&submit=Go%21.


2 thoughts on “Fedora on Dell E1505/Core Duo 2 7400/ATI X1400

  1. Hey! Did you ever get the resolution to 1680 x 1050 with the ATI graphics card on fc6? My native resolution is the same, and would like to put fc6 on this baby.

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