Shuttle XPC SN27P2 Configurations

As a part of a video streaming network I am building for the North CA First Lego League Robitics competition, I assembled a shuttle PC. Will blog the configuration and the logic behind the method behind the madness:

I bought them from directron, they have good prices, quick turnaround and good service.

Before we jump into configuration, some lessons learned:

  1. Ask them to assemble it. Costs only $29 and takes lots of hassle. But OTOH, if you get the parts and assemble them yourself, you get the experience (as I did). My 8 year old got a kick out of assembling the CPU, fan et al. But until it all worked, I was wondering if I had ruined any connectors or chips.
  2. For this suttle case, get the IDE optical drive and use the SATA for hard disks
  3. This does not have PS/2 keyboard or mouse. I have the SBT-PS2U adaptor which takes a PS/2 keyboard and a mouse and converts them to USB. Works fine. I can still use my favourite Microsoft keyboard !

Configuration notes:

  • Shuttle Case – SN27P2
  • CPU : AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
  • No clue why the +. Is there a 3800 – or do they plan to have a 3800# ? ;o)
  • Optical drive : Plexor PX-755SA SATA 16X
  • This was a mistake. Becuase the case has 2 SATA cables and one IDE connector. To have a RAID 5 we need 3 disks and the Optical drives takes one SATA.
    • [12/17/06] I am in the process of ordering an IDE optical drive and 2 more Barracudas for a good RAID system. Naturally you do not want your system to fail during a real time video streaming session! Will add notes how it went
    • Hard Disk : Seagate Barracuda 7200/320 GB HDD ST3320620AS
    • Good price-performance. I will have 3 of these in a RAID 5 combination.
  • RAM – Two kingston Value RAM 1 GB each, DDR2-667
    • I didn’t realize but these are 4 X 512 MB chips. But as the SN27P2 has 4 slots, it is OK. Again, price-peformance consideration.
  • Display : PCI Express Sapphire Radeon X1300XT/512 MB
    • Again a good card with 512 MB, still within budget.

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