Tri-lingual – OS/X, Ubuntu and Vista !

I don’t know what one would call a person who works on 3 operating systems. Anyway I am about to join the dark side (or the enlightened side depending on your POV) – just got my MacBook Pro ! So now I can compare OS/X, Ubuntu and Vista ! Time will tell which one I will stick to most of the time …

Couple of quick reason to go the mac route :

  • I am working on an implementation of DYMO and associated Ad-Hoc wireless network protocols on mac
  • I really need a good development system for my algorithmics and other work. Eclipse is good but not great (IMHO); Visual Studio is great but very limited (need to work on network drivers natively, need to be cross platform et al) ; XCode 3 looks like a good combination. I can do development on the mac, and run it on mac as well as Ubuntu. At least that is my idea, let us see how it pans out …

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