Corporate Blog Best Practices – A Baker’s Dozen

I was writing this list for our internal use and thought this might be a good blog material. Nothing new or earth shattering, but some horse sense ;o)

14.Do not put org announcements in blog, but do write about organization & reorg
13. Do write external facing and internal facing blogs; but be sure to know which is which !
12. Do use blog & Wikis as a channel to get input & test new ideas
11. Understand that blog is an intimate 1:1 discussion
10. Pick subjects closer to your heart & you are passionate about
9. Choose good headings
8. Be short, specific and simple
7. Select varied topics for discussions
6. Be interesting as well as controversial, but not too much
5. Be relevant and be worth the time investment required to keep reading.
4. Think of readers and their interest, questions, things they care about,…
3. Jot down ideas and expand them before blogging
2. Answer discussions (i.e. do not let any points (worth discussing) unanswered)
1. Be consistent, Be Regular


Of course I am standing on the shoulders of giants.


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