facebook act 2 scene 1

I think facebook is maturing too fast; but that is the nature of the beast, one rolls with the momentum. Given that premise, what would next scene be ? Two thoughts:

i) Explore into next level of information maturity order.

Information Maturity Order

Most probably fcebook is in 3rd order and now is the time to add context. Some candidates include the knowledge graph, skills graph, …
ii) facebook/e (facebook – Enterprise version)

It is no secret that enterprises see value in leveraging social graph ( and the derivatives there of like the knowledge graph) facebook on some form of enterprise class infrastructure as an offering would be a good sized market. An “enterprise class infrastructure” means assuring the required security,privacy, availability, extensibility/integration, multi-tenancy (if hosted in a collective farm), compliance verifiability et al. What enterprises get is an innovative infrastructure which can replace the corporate employee directory. Otherwise they will implement some form of social network with less features and will take more time. Basically a social network SaaS ! Of course, facebook should not touch rest of corporate “stuff” that hang off of an employee directory like entitlement. Once the business and technology model is defined/refined, I can see a good revenue stream for facebook. Again part of growing up ;o)

Realistically, in order not to slow down the mainstream, the facebook/e might have to be a distinct entity, still feeding off of the mainline – in some sense distinct but not separate …

Let me know what you all think … with all the smart people around this company, most probably both these are on their way …

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