Social Networking – The next ERP ?

We can probably find enough evidence to argue this point.  An interesting waypoint is the project ESME


  • Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment (ESME) is an Open Source tool designed by Siemens IT Solutions and Services together with SAP Community specialists.
  • One client to the ESME system is,… yep you guessed it – ABAP, which is the programming language for SAP. So literally the ESME is an extension to ERP !
  • And as SAP matures it’s cloud products and (inevitably) move into SaaS/Cloud models, an ERP-based social media interface which leverages the multi-tenant capabilities (thus deriving the social graph across enterprises)  is not far behind !
  • ESME is a “self organizing communication group” which is interesting, as this is the only way collaboration/communication can scale. They need to acquire context as well as intelligently derive connectivity inferences
  • “It serves to identify company employees with particular knowledge or expertise, and networks these experts together so that they can exchange information”
  • And it is an open source Apache project . I might contribute … may be an *OpenSocial* interface, which the project lacks now. Also need to see how they are organizing the knowledge graph and social graph.


ESME is written in *Scala* – a programming language which combines the object oriented world and the functional programming world. It also has primitives from Erlang, a very scalable language system – see my blog for a quick review


Cheers & happy Pi day (3/14)


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