Cloud Networking – We are not in Kansas anymore !

A funny thing happened on our way from virtualization to the cloud world ! The domain of cloud application developers and network started to converge. Converge might not be the right word – because network builders continue to build robust networks and that has not been antiquated; application developers will continue to develop interesting applications. But what has happened is a common layer and a convergence of interests between cloud application builders and network builders is happening.

Few points to note:

  • I said and meant Cloud Application Builders – I do believe that there are many roles in the application domain and the role of an Application Builder is slightly different from Application Developer . I think I need a blog dedicate to this, for now the difference is in the focus – Cloud Application Builders will focus more on the infrastructure of applications – including scalability, availability, …
  • Also, cloud application builders literally have to worry about the essential cloud monikers

… more at my blog at vmworld.


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