Anatomy of a Cloud Concept Lab Stack

For the last few months we have been building a cloud concept lab based on Cisco’s UCS system (for compute), Nexus 5K/7K (for network) and NetApp/EMC(Storage). And during the Christmas season, we have a chance to show off our work. I will write more about the interesting projects we are working on; but for now, some pictures …

First our Compute POD – 6 X UCS Chassis with 8 blades each, connected to 6120s and then to Nexus 5Ks. As you can see we take our equipment seriously ! And Santa is here !

UCS Compute POD

UCS Closeup - Santa Claus is coming to the Cloud town !

A lab is known by the tools it keeps — A glimpse at our tools cache ;o)

A Lab is known by the tools it keeps !

Our network stack – Nexus, Catalyst, ASA and ACE

Network Stack - Nexus 7K, Cat 6500 & ASA

The storage stack – NetApp for now, and we are off to a VCE stack as well

And of course that is me & Rohit’s Flip camera

Just me !

Now onto the gory details – which I will add as a set of future posts – but to get started:

Cloud Concept Lab Topology

What is more important is not the stack one has, but what one does with it. And we have a set of concept projects …:

  • One interesting project is the Cloud provider API implementation (vCloud/OCCI with our own Cloud OS – in JRuby) and then showcasing Enterprise Extension into a service provider cloud (with extended network and compute semantics) ! A few of our pragmas :
    • Store context as an in-memory cmdb (with a disk based persistence backup)
      • memcached coupled with Cassandra
    • A very lightweight compute stack in terms of management and control layers
      • Control by Cloud OS talking directly to UCSM (UCS manager) for compute and network management layer (for network)
      • Stateless cloud instances with intelligence and inferences in the Cloud OS

More details in the next posts …

Till then Happy Holidays ….

P.S: The pictures were taken mostly by Rohit and Ram using Ram’s Canon Rebel XTI / Tamrom 17 – 50 /2.8 lens


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