Cloud 2.0/Cloud TNG/Cloud Reloaded – Top 5

As we muddle through the various Cloud models and technologies, we also should keep an eye on what the next generation would be. That frame and context gives us a direction for our current workings. Here my top 5 on Cloud 2.0. What says thee ?

  1. Hypervisor-native CPUs : The hypervisor will move into the CPU microcode – at the appropriate slot. The main reason for this are the new powerful chips – how would we ever manage a system with four octo core chips ?
    1. The hyperthreading was an attempt at this, but it was at the wrong layer.
  2. Network-native Cloud Protocols : For now, the Cloud OS layer and the network are not leveraging each other at all. I firmly believe that current cloud protocols like the gossip, adjacency-awareness and others would eventually embed into the network. The protocols will be useful not only for the Cloud OS layer but also for the “Big data” architectures (see below)
  3. Network services will morph as appliances : Many of the network services like security, acceleration,file services and so forth will become software appliances – with the ability to scale, distribute and elastic, as needed by the cloud infrastructure. With the advent of powerful processors, almost all network services will move either into the virtualization layer; except the services that need the highest wire-speed performance, which will move into the TOR (Top Of Rack) and EOR (End Of rack) switches.
    • [Update 1] An interesting blog by Allan in GigaOm “Where are the Network Appliances?”. He ends the blog with a poignant statement ” … networking architectures will change to a degree we’ve not seen in well over a decade.” … true indeed …
  4. Software primitives will move into PaaS : Currently PaaS is an all or nothing proposition. This will change. An orthogonally extensible, non-proprietary PaaS will evolve with embedded primitives like actors, STM, functional programming et al. Look at languages like Scala, Erlang and Ruby as well as frameworks like Akka.
  5. NOSQL based DaaS will evolve : Currently the BigTable, Big Data, NOSQL technologies are used only by a few esoteric applications. This will change. the NOSQL (NotOnly SQL) technologies will form a substrate for the Cloud architectures as data stores – temporary, permanent, cache and in-memory.

I will add more … What are your thoughts on Cloud 2.0 ?


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