William, Chill out a.k.a. Don’t Turn the bozo bit on, please

A good friend of mine, WilliamVambenepe wrote a slightly rambling blog “Can Cloud Standards be saved?

He has precisely one point – cloud standards work should include folks like Shlomo, Randy, Sam et al. The rest of his blog is way off. You see, I was also with him during the “… Task Force” meeting in the “undisclosed location” … No we did not go for hunting with Dick (er… that is Mr. Cheney to you all ;o)), in case inquiring minds want to know ..

First of all, there are too many cloud standards … A cloud of irrational exuberance has enveloped the world of Cloud standards ! I had ranted about this on one of my blogs The situation is worse now – all the SDOs have more than one cloud effort – and they all do not want to let go of the SOA work ! So words like SORA (Service Oriented Resource Architecture) and SOCA (Service Oriented Cloud Architecture) are being thrown around with reckless abandonment … If all the cloud builders start spending their time working for all the standards, there will be no clouds and way too many standards !

Second, William mentions the lack of transparency and later resorts to characterizing as secrecy. That is not true – the processes from the SDOs are open to members. Also the charter, once ratified, is open to all and there are mechanisms for feedback. William wrongly mentions that they are confidential … Would a W3C style open forum be a good way of conducting a standard work ? Sure … but the current state is far from the “clandestine operations hatched by conspirators plotting under dim lighting” as William would have you believe …

Third, I got lost in William’s blog somewhere between adjectives like “enlightened specialists”, “qualified specialists” and “positive discrimination” – the folks who are in the wgs are building and running clouds; again can there be more folks participating, absolutely yes. But the current folks doing the standardization work are not bystanders or amateurs …

Finally, somewhere along the line, William lost the meaning of secrecy, unfortunately … and this is  what got my proverbial goat ;o)

In short, a right observation reached via totally wrong propositions ….

Like William, many times I am not a big fan of large companies and am all for inclusion, open process et al; but don’t want to make a case by maligning the good folks who are doing the work now …

William – remember Jim McCarthy’s Rule #2 – “Don’t turn the bozo bit on”, please …


3 thoughts on “William, Chill out a.k.a. Don’t Turn the bozo bit on, please

  1. There’s a worthwhile debate between the various levels of exclusion:
    – “pay to play + externally opaque” (DMTF),
    – “pay to play + externally visible” (W3C),
    – “pay to play + open RFPs + BYO syndicate” (OMG),
    – “open & visible, pay to play at the policy level” (IETF, OGF),
    – “open & visible, BYO beer & pizza” (various open source ‘standards bodies’)

    though it is easy to oversimplify and use the “secrecy” buzzword to get people atwitter…

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