Cloud Stack != LAMP Stack

Couple of recent blog posts from Geva Perry and by James Urquhart ask questions about Cloud and LAMP.

First Geva Perry asks – “Who will build the LAMP Cloud ?” – answer everybody. There is nothing like a LAMP cloud – Cloud is a Cloud and folks will use different OSs, languages and datastores as required by their application. LAMP stack was an artifact of yesterdays and is obsolete as a stack for todays.

Second James asks “Does Cloud Computing Need Lamp?” Good question – it is like asking does my MDX need Dunlap tires ? Or Shell gas ? Yes a car runs with gas and needs tires. Same way cloud needs an OS, a datastore, … you get the point.

Third, I liked James’ question “…If you can manipulate code, but not deploy it (because it is the cloud provider’s role to deploy platform components), what advantage do you gain over platform components provided to you at a reasonable cost that “just work,” but happen to be proprietary?”

Yep, The “manipulate code”, being the external facing interfaces & APIs, which will become important – not the “manipulated code”, as the manipulated code is nothing but a functionality … how the functionality is implemented is irrelevant (except for oversight on security/correctness/compliance) so long as they can get the functionality via uniform, well modeled, structured interfaces  … This is the holy grail of a cloud infrastructure …

Fourth, a more tuned discussion is Derrick’s blog regarding PaaS. That is the right discussion, not the elements of a single part of a cloud stack.

Fifth – Ask not what LAMP stack a cloud should use, but what PaaS should a Cloud have …(sorry, a lame attempt at humor)

At least that is my humble opinion. What says thee ?

Update (5/24/2010) : Geva Perry has an updated blog which says Who cares. Exactly !


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