A path through a NOSQL Summer Reading

The NOSQL Summer reading is an excellent idea initiated by Tim & is now spread across the world (~380 participants in 27 cities!).  The papers are interesting and cover a variety of topics of interest to the NOSQL community.

As I was collecting the papers, the parallels with the Design Patterns study group struck me. So I thought of adding a suggested navigation through the papers and also a few opening questions for discussions. If it makes sense,  would be happy to move this to a Wiki for a collaborative navigation/question/notes. Let me know … :

P.S : I also have materials from my OSCON NOSQL Tutorial

Related Links (check them out after going through the NOSQL paper list) :

Update [10/2/x] : As I see more related papers, I am adding them to the bottom of this list

Update [6/30/xii] : Added new papers on the Bloom Language

Update [11/29/xii] : Added new papers from Google – Dremel/Spanner, Twitter Storm & Cloudera Impala

Update [12/21/xii] : Added papers from Werner Vogles Back To the Basics Reading of 2012

Update [09/15/xiii] : Added Cassandra then & now with Original Cassandra paper

Update [11/03/xiii] : Added Synchronization Paper to the Concurrency Section

Update [4/6/xiv] : A good list of papers on Distributed Dystems

Update [6/30/xv] : Added Spark Papers


The papers can be grouped & discussed as a topic:

Opening Questions & discussion pointers:

P.S: I also have a decent number of NOSQL bookmarks – need to organize it a bit better

15 thoughts on “A path through a NOSQL Summer Reading

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  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to compile the list like this together. It made it much nicer to gather the papers, organize them as you have them here onto my iPad, and get them ready for reading. Your work made finding some of these references a lot easier 🙂

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  6. Just wanted to say that I thought your summer reading list was outstanding. I’ll confess to having used it as inspiration for a few papers to round out my course this semester. Really great stuff.

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