I couldn’t find a way to associate a read.me file to an EC2 AMI. Tthe next best is a readme.blog ! On how to use the NOSQL Training EC2 AMI. I will post the handout for a step-by-step tutorial of mongoDB and later Cassandra.

  • Have created AMI oscon-nosql-ksankar-xx. 01 ..
  • This is based on Ubuntu 10.04, ebs
  • 32 bit (Wanted to keep the initial learning costs minimum – especially when you need to start 3 or more instances for Cassandra)
  • The application stack includes mongoDB, Open JDK 6, svn, a svn snapshot of Cassandra
  • The Cassandra is in the /home/ubuntu directory
  • TTD (Things To Do) after you start the instance
    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get upgrade
    • cd ~/cassandra
    • svn update
    • ant (To compile the new sources)
    • These commands should upgrade mongoDB as well as Cassandra

3 thoughts on “OSCON NOSQL Training EC2 AMI

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