Is PaaS “The SOA Reloaded” ?

An excellent blog from Lori MacVittie. As always, very thoughtful, good concepts.

Couple of thoughts:

  1. As we all know there is the domain complexity and accidental complexity. I think the standards behind SOA had way too much accidental complexity and that turned people off. Remember the complexity shows up in the technology layer as well as the business layer. You can’t hide it
  2. The main reason SOA and SOAPy services have the high barrier to adoption is due to complex set of myriad WS-*standards. We need to make sure any inter-cloud standards and interfaces we develop are much simpler – in terms of the syntax … more importantly the underpinning semantic models …
  3. Agree with Lori completely – PaaS need not be over IaaS and most probably won’t be. They address different sets of problems and audience. I had written a quick blog on this long time ago
  4. Lori’s blog has a good diagram. Remember, the technical expertise is not less in PaaS – just different set of skills.
  5. Going back to the complexity, one important aspect of WS-* that REST is missing is security. While a cloud service interface need not get as complex as a WS-* interfaces, they do need to address the domain complexity – we can only make them simple enough, not simpler …
  6. Moving further, Lori refers to the blog “The next reincarnation of cloud computing” by Simon Simeonov. Good blog, of course
  7. Simon says “Soon we will be able to throw away the server virtualization crutch and, like in that memorable moment from Forrest Gump, we will be able to run leaner and more scalable applications in the cloud on next-generation platforms-as-a-service.” – well said. Virtualization is a means to and end, a way point in the journey, necessary but not sufficient, … you get the picture
  8. Another vector is an excellent blog by Randy “Does OpenStack Change the Cloud Game?”
    1. Randy says “Interoperability for infrastructure clouds is poorly understood.” <me_thinks> Yep. I really don’t think anyone knows what cloud interoperability really is </me_thinks>
    2. Randy says “ …. it’s architectural differences.” <me_thinks> So we need an architectural interoperability, Hmmmm </me_thinks>
    3. Randy says “…OpenStack’s potential to build a real community and a set of reference architectures drives towards greater standardization and interoperability.” <me_thinks> Aspirational, yet to be proven…</me_thinks>
    4. And he has an excellent paragraph on “What This Means for Telcos and Service Providers” …
      e)    The overall pitch about “normalizing the network and storage layers” and “inter-operating on the command and control” layer is illuminating …. Thoughts ?
    5. BTW, the Red Ocean of cloud infrastructure stacks Randy refers in his blog has a good list …

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