navratri golu collection 2010

Yep, it is that time of the year … navratri festival and the art of a golu (or gollu)…

< I will post a few pictures of our golu, still WIP. The management has to approve the release of the shots! >

This year, in addition to the traditional idols from last year, we have a few interesting displays …

  • The Nut Head Band (I wrote a separate blog)
  • The Mesh Elephant – carved out of a single piece & has a small elephant carved inside !

    Mesh Frogs!

  • The Kathakali face mask
  • &
  • The Boat that is used for the boat race in Kerala
  • The Eiffel Tower/Knife
  • or ?




2 thoughts on “navratri golu collection 2010

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