The Art Of Software Design

I came across an interesting blog on the essential influences of modern software design & an remembered an old one …

  • First the blog hot from the (word) press : Charles Seybold’s Confessions of an Old Software Designer
    1. Modern Software should be designed in the “context of social interactions”
    2. The software has to work on more than one form factor including multiple mobile devices; but remember the right interface for all the platforms is important
    3. The availability of raw computing power influences the visualization, summarization and the inferences
    4. “Designs should be ‘uniquely familiar.’ They should feel intuitively easy to use because they work like other things” – also ties with #2 above. The feel for each platform could be different
    5. Build tangible visions and test them
    6. “Users favor less complexity, Developers favor less code, Marketers favor less time.”
  • Second, an older blog, that is still hot :
    • One tiny problem, I don’t have a pointer – it is an old presentation/blog by Werner Vogels. I will find it …

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