Cloud Object Store Infrastructure – We are not in Kansas anymore, we are in Google

The other day some of us visited the facilities of our systems supplier as a part of our new cloud object store development. It is a good facility with capabilities to rack and stack, plus a world class testing setup. …

We came back with an appreciation of what they do as well as a few important insights. Let me iterate the main points – you can find the gory details at my Egnyte Engineering Blog[Link].

  1. A modern digital multimedia world is the genesis for innovative designs in cloud storage systems – from dual systems connected by a 10GB internal link to temporal SSD caching …
  2. A cloud storage hardware systems life-cycle is interesting, to say the least – lot of work involved in the procurement-install-deploy-support-troubleshoot-maintain, especially the latter parts
  3. Disk is the new tape, literally – companies are using 60 disk systems for backup of stuff like old checks, bills et al. Internal storage clouds (and even external storage clouds) will replace tape systems for many storage needs
More at my Egnyte Engineering Blog[Link].
Of course we all know that, even Kansas is not the old Kansas anymore. It’s capital is Google, KS and it has the fastest wireless!

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