MySQL at Facebook – Current & Future

Thanks to Todd’s High Scalability, I came across the talk about MySQL at Facebook – Current & Future.

Around 45 min. Good talk. I jotted down some quick notes and couple of slides that captured my interest:

  • UDB – Universal DB (Was called User database before)
  • Shards:
    • Remote references in both shards
    • Backout mechanisms
    • Async job that fixes problems
  • Replication
    • Binlog consumers eg. memcache invalidators for geographical replication
    • Backup consumers for binary logs
  • Facebook has a single cluster!
    • Ease of setup
    • Uniformity of Access patterns
  • Custom Facebook build of 5.1(we can get it, open source), InnoDB
    • Admission Control Feature (Specific to their build) looks interesting
  • Hardware with more cores, but I/O bound
  • Looking at newer Compression Algorithms
    • qpress (quickLZ)
    • snappy compression alg (Google)
  • InnoDB purge Lag – Happens if the DB is busy all the time, eg. backup doesn’t give purge to clean fully
  • Custom Tooling
    • Per-Table restore
    • Truly incremental backup
    • Online schema changes
  • Monitoring
  • When you have 10,000 servers averages hide things. So need top N monitoring
  • They track and analyze stalls
    • Stall tools like dogpiled, aspera
    • Started with multi-second stalls, now track subsecond stalls
    • Kernel mutex stall – see it constantly
  • MySQL never a solved problem!
  • The Top N monitoring and stall monitoring is applicable outside MySQL as well
  • Have attached a few slides that I found interesting …


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