The Agonies & Ecstasies of Cloud Storage

“To cloud or not to cloud … ”  That is the question many are asking in the wake of the news surrounding the seizure of MegaUpload last week. Aside from being a pun on Hamlet’s soliloquy, this is a very poignant question, because cloud storage is becoming an inseparable part of modern life (be it Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft’s SkyDrive, Amazon’s Cloud Drive, Egnyte or the ‘box’es …) for consumers as well as enterprises.

In many ways the question is not whether to use cloud storage, but how can one use cloud storage effectively and minimize the risk to business disruption.

I have a few pointers in that direction …

  • Don’t mix Consumer Cloud Services & Enterprise Class Services
  • Use hybrid storage cloud rather than a pure cloud-only service
  • Manage the data lifecycle effectively
  • Match the business requirements and the domain impedance
  • Pay attention to data interoperability

Please allow me to explain … The gory details at my Egnyte blog


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