Glenlivet 15 French Oak Reserve

Glen Livet 15Occasionally I pickup couple of bottles of Single Malt to try out – Glen Roths, Highland Park,  Lagavualin and now GlenLivet 15. Sometimes I stay with one for a few months (stayed with Glenrothes when my old boss, Glenn, introduced us to the fine scotch; then Lagavualin since February when a good friend Chris introduced me to it,…)

I would have preferred The Guardians Single Cask … may be later

  • Came across an interesting blog by Mike Grushin. I agree – cask strength single malts taste better with a few ice cubes (let them melt a little & don’t overdo)
  • And Mike writes about EC2 also !
  • A few good reviews
  • The taste is smooth and the creamy finish is noticeable
  • A tasting video by Ian Logan, Glenlivet’s International Brand Ambassador ! I never knew about brand ambassadors – my kind of job
  • While we think of tastes, there are folks who think of whisky design ! 2012 Whisky Design Winners is an interesting read
  • Next on my list GlenFiddich, Bourbons, …  – What says thee ?

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