Big Data with TwitterAPI – Twitter Objects & APIs

For those who wandered in, slightly late:

These are a series of blogs annotating my OSCON-2012 slides with notes, as required. Some things are detailed in the slides, but the slides miss lot of the stuff I talked about at the tutorial. This is Part 3 of 6. Link to Part 1.

Twitter Object Model:

I found the Twitter object model simple, intuitive and congruent. They have couple of terminologies that one would get used to – tweets are called status and the act of tweeting is status updates. Users whom you follow are friends and the users who follow you are followers.

I have a few slides describing the various objects as well as a few python programs(in GitHub) to actually get the JSON via Twitter API and inspect the actual objects. The setup slide talks about what libraries are needed. As the slides cover the objects in some detail, I will not repeat them here …

Twitter API Model:


I found the APIs straightforward, abit a few glitches and mismatches. You have to assume errors and occasional dropped connections. So program accordingly with command buffers (to catchup from where you stopped), check points (to know where you stopped), control numbers monitored by supervisor processes, deal with rate limits, and so forth.

Let us move on to the Applications in the next blog …


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