Tomcat 7 packaging layout & install in Ubuntu 12.04

Today I installed Tomcat7 in Ubuntu. They have changed the layout of the directories and the changes are for good. We all are used to the Tomcat’s old layout and the new layout takes a little time to get used to … At first I couldn’t make head or tail out of it. Then I looked for things where they should be … and viola … it made perfect sense !

  • /usr/share/tomcat7 <- The bn, lib and the rest
  • /usr/share/tomcat7-root <- Am still figuring out what this does
  • /etc/tomcat7/ <- configuration files
  • /var/log/tomcat7/ <- logs. For some reason this directory is rwxr-x—-. Really should be  wxr-xr-x
  • /var/lib/tomcat7/ <- webapps et al go here

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