The Sign of the 9ers – 3 Lessons from the revival of the 49ers franchise

It is always interesting & informative to understand & learn from how great teams are formed – corporate or sports. Daniel Brown’s Article “How Jed York orchestrated 49ers rebuilding” has excellent three insights:

  1. Recognize when a team is faltering & Take bold steps


    • On Dec 26,2010 after a bad defeat, Jed York reached a breaking point. He vowed to revive the team- fired the coach and started a set of systemic steps –  from hiring a new coach, “expanded the players’ lounge, built an expansive outdoor weightlifting facility and knocked down walls to give meeting rooms more square footage, upgraded the cafeteria … spending lavishly, demanding excellence and changing the culture of the entire organization”.
  2. Have a bold vision & Lead from the top

    • Players stay with the 49ers because they know they’re in a first-class organization. That all starts at the top. If the top is not leading the charge, then you’re going to get mediocrity.The quality of ownership means a ton in pro football -Harris Burton

  3. Show the passion, Hire the best & Keep both that way

    • What Jed shows — and what his uncle showed — is a passion for excellence

    • Jed hired Jim Harbaugh as the head coach. It was not easy – he outmaneuvered Stanford (which wanted to keep him), the University of Michigan (Harbaugh’s alma mater), the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins to reel in coaching’s biggest prize
    • The key for the 49ers was a six-hour meeting in which York and new general manager Trent Baalke laid out their plan for reinvigorating the franchise.

      Jed talked about his vision and that sealed the deal – Jim Harbaugh, on the day he was hired

    • The one thing that Jim Harbaugh has that Bill Walsh has is the ability to motivate … the guys to bring them to their peak potential -Brent Jones

Next Sunday, at the SuperBowl XLVII the 49ers face the Ravens – My best wishes and I predict a great match with the 49ers winning the trophy …

Trivia: Am sure sharp eyes would have caught the title “The Sign of the 9ers” as a tribute to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Sign Of The Four


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