Big Data State Of The Union

An informative study by TCS on the current state of Big Data “The Emerging Big Returns on Big Data”



Of course, you should download and read the whole report. Some interesting highlights:

  • There’s a polarity in spending on Big Data, with a minority of companies
    spending massive amounts and a larger number spending very little
  • The business functions expecting the greatest ROI on Big Data are not the ones
    you may think – while Sales & Marketing have initiatives, finance & logistics are betting on big data for efficiences & insights
  • The biggest challenges to getting business value from Big Data are as much
    cultural as they are technological
  • Nearly half the data (49%) is unstructured or semi-structured, while 51% is
    structured. The heavy use of unstructured data is remarkable given that
    just a few years ago it was nearly zero in most companies – Enterprises have gone multi-structured !
  • Monitoring how customers use their products to detect product and design
    flaws is seen as a critical application for Big Data

Cheers & Happy Reading …


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