Data Science Engineers – The new breed of Data Scientists ?

While there is lots of interesting discussions about Data Scientists, or lack there of. The role of Data Science in Big Data is well understood. I think the need is actually for Data Science Engineers. I had a set of pictures explaining this concept and interestingly came across a blog by HortonWorks on the topic of Data Scientists.

[Update Jan 25,2014] Harlan Harris has a similar theory, with a wider perspective. The Data Engineer in his model corresponds to the Data Science Engineer I had proposed !

[Update May 19, 2013] An informative blog in the Wall Street Journal about Data Scientists by IBM’s Irving Wladawsky-Berger – Data Science is a multidisciplinary evolution from business intelligence & analytics. In addition to having a solid foundation in statistics, math, data engineering and computer science, data scientists must also have domain expertise.


Data Science Engineers 01-02

Data Science Engineers 01-01

What says thee ?


3 thoughts on “Data Science Engineers – The new breed of Data Scientists ?

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