TCS Siruseri Campus

Today am visiting the TCS Siruseri campus in Chennai. Very elegant & interesting structure built by an Urguan Architect.

  • The legend has it that while discussing the architecture, Carlos drew butterflies & that stuck as the theme.
  • A majestic 5-floor-high open Atrium corridor forms the spine of the butterfly with 6 buildings forming the wings, the buildings themselves are butterflies w/ a small spine elevator bank in the middle and the two north & south wings buildings.
  • The side view below shows three buildings EC1(right),EC2 & EC3. I am in EC3.
  • The spine atrium on the far side has a pond, benches, shops & interesting restaurants – The Saravana Bhavan food is exotic. The spine even has a Subway !
  • The campus hosts > 20,000 associates

The second picture below shows the full 6 buildings and the observation tower (which is still under construction)

image description



[Update 1 June 3, 2013] Collection of pictures that take you on a tour to other TCS Campuses.


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