Deep Learning – The Next Frontier ?


  1. [12/29/13] Forbes : A general article on the significance of Machine Learning, AI et al
  2. [12/28/13] NY Times Brain-Like Computers, Learning from Experience
  3. [8/9/13] Kind of jumbled blog in Forbes – What is DeepLearning & Why should businesses care
  4. DeepLearning for the masses

Came across an informative talk by Jeff Dean on Deep Learning at Google.


Leaving cat herding aside, I strongly believe that Deep Learning & AI can be effectively used in the context of Big Data to address interesting problems in the Enterprises, especially Retail & Banking.

Trying to build a few neurons to run some interesting big data use cases …

Hence my interest in this domain

Let me share some of the interesting points from Jeff’s talk, annotating the slides. Of course, you should listen to his talk – it is short & succinct …

But plan to spend some time to think through as well as research into related papers … The DistBelief paper has the potential to be as influential as the Jeff’s MapReduce paper.







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5 thoughts on “Deep Learning – The Next Frontier ?

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