The Struggle is where greatness comes from

Today, my son (who is just 14) pointed me to an insightful blog by Ben Horowitz of


Couple of interesting observations (Of course, I urge you to read the full blog):

  • Technology business is extremely complex – a game of chess rather than checkers
    • Interestingly another partner at, Scott Weiss also referred to a successful entrepreneur “laying out a series of chess moves that reveal an even bigger ambition” in a recent Wall Street blog
  • When you are in a turn, focus on the road not on the walls !

Be strong & you will get through, with a little help + a dash of luck

Finally, I am glad to see that folks like Ben are interesting to the young generation … Kaushik (the son) has been encouraging me to start a company … May be I will …

Ref: Image from Microsoft Gallery


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