Building London Olympics in A Complex World – Lord Sebastian Coe at TCS Summit Europe

No Powerpoint, no slides – just an insightful, motivating, thought-provoking, engaging conversation …


  • Lord Sebastian Coe, the Olympian, delivered an inspiring speech about the agonies & ecstasies of bringing Olympics to London.
  • If you get a chance to hear from @SebCoe, don’t miss it.
  • The talk was full of insightful observations. I could only capture a few highlights. I will post a link to the video if it becomes available.

The two important questions : How & Why

  • The Why of London Olympics : “Use the London Olympic Games to produce lasting change – especially for young people”
  • The How took them more than 13 years and finally it was a success

Understand whom you are delivering to; and the landscape

  • The stakeholders of London Olympics were the 60 Million people on UK; not the Olympic Committee

Demanding stakeholders are good – the more demanding they are, the more committed they will be to your cause. But you should be constantly communicating with them

You can overcome failures so long as you are brave enough to analyze and understand the contributing factors; you need to be brutally honest. Once the factors are understood, the rest gets a lot easier

Understand what “Great” looks like. The quality of your deliverable depends on the amount of work you put in to crisply define “Great” on whatever you do.

Trivia : Seb Coe has good roots in India. His grandfather is from Delhi !

  • Good IMG_1543
  • Guess what was waiting at my hotel room at the Majestic, Seb Coe’s book !
  • In time for my reading during the long flight back …. I will write a review …
  • And, views from my room at the Hotel Majestic and Cannes …



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