Of Byzantine Failures,unintended consequences & Architecture Heuristics

P.S: Copy of my blog in Linkedin

Way …. back in 2007, I gave a talk on Architecture Heuristics – we talked about Byzantine failures, systems with strong bones and the politics of systems architectures.

One would think that all this is way behind us ! Apparently not so ! There is a software bug in 787 GCU ! The root cause – yep you guessed it, integer overflow !

The plane’s electrical generators fall into a failsafe mode if kept continuously powered on for 248 days. The 787 has four such main generator-control units that, if powered on at the same time, could fail simultaneously and cause a complete electrical shutdown

And self-parking car hits pedestrians because …

Keeping the car safe is included as a standard feature, but keeping pedestrians safe isn’t. …

Interesting … whatever happened to the prime directive ? And Pedestrian Recognition – an option in self parking cars ? What next ? Steering wheel as an option ?

And, we keep on building machines that are software intensive ! Ford GT has more code than a 787 !

Back to Architecture Heuristics …

  1. Select technologies that you can dance with & Be flexible in scaling as you grow
  2. Embrace Failure & Influence Scalability
  3. Build systems with good bones (my slides from 2007 sill look relevant!)
  4. Solve the right problems
  5. While we build complex AI systems, remember that our ingenuity is hard to beat – even by the smart machines that we build !
  6. And, those who don’t learn from the history should read these recommendations, they are still valid !
  7. … Of course, pay that extra $3,000 and buy the Pedestrian Detection – you might drive the car in this world (where we humans reside – at least for now) not in Mars !


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