Take Care of the Ball, Value every Possession & Protect the Rim

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CurryWas watching the NBA Western Conference Finals; the Warriors Team, Coach Kerr & Stephen Curry all are inspiration not only for Sports but also for the startup world.

I picked up a few insightful quotations from the post-game conference … will let you fill-in the inferences & lessons to keep this blog short …

Agility & Nimbleness : What I like most about the Warriors, is the way they morph & raise to the occasion. They find ways to reorganize & adapt against different teams … time will tell how they will do against LeBron and the Cleveland Gang … but for now, they are very effective …

[Update 5/24/15] Interestingly, today Tim Kawakami expressed the same sentiment in his blog at San Jose Mercury News !

“Take Care of the ball, value every possession & protect the rim” – Steve Kerr. Lot of truth in this statement … for life and business …

Steve Kerr about Harden “He sees every angle and we try to close as many of them as we can …”. That is all what we need to do in business to get ahead. The talented will make the shots, under any circumstances, like Kobe says … (er, tweets)

So be comfortable in taking those difficult shots !

Lesson for the Rockets : “Don’t play around the edges, play in the paint” echoed by Kevin McHale “Win the paint & win the board” … So true in sports and in startup business …

Curry Flurry : “Stephen Curry is very patient & will let the offense come to him ! Then he starts !” – In game 3 he had 40 points but only one in 1st quarter ! Once he got the offense, he flawlessly executed his characteristic “confidence & smoothness of the shots” …

In short, “Steph”, Kerr said “was Steph” !

BTW, don’t count the Houston Rockets out yet ! Against all odds, they won against LA Cilppers; Harden & Kevin McHale have a way with adversities …

And on another note, I need to update my NFL/ELO blog to applying ELO in BasketBall …

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