@GoldenStateWarriors Basketball IQ & Robotic Sense – Lessons to be learned



In the eve of the probable final NBA game of the season, and with the Green suspension, it is interesting to note the skill that the team has. Interestingly the agility, domain IQ and the team spirit are equally applicable in business as well !

I came across 4 insightful blogs that tell the story of a talented, multi-faceted team that can snatch victory from seemingly impossible situations … I had written about the GoldenStateWarriors last year, it time now to write again !!!

[Update after Game 7 – at the end of the blog]

Zach Love has the right insights in “The Warriors are more than a bunch of jump shooters

  • There is a jagged, robotic quality to that brand of defense… there is a liquid quality to their defense.
  • They are like one of those college marching bands whose members combine to form massive images that move so convincingly, you almost forget for a second that the giant video game character on the football field is actually composed of hundreds of people

That is not some random accident of team construction. The Warriors sought smart players who felt the game instinctually, and had a history of playing hard for their teammates … they deserve credit for chasing high-IQ guys who play for the right reasons

  • I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team communicate and shift around the floor so seamlessly. The Warriors swap assignments on the fly without even a millisecond of finger-pointing confusion that might open scoring windows – An agile team, at it’s best !
  • They quite literally move together, as one entity. On most teams, one guy rotates, everyone pauses to observe the new geometry of the floor, and then one guy realizes, holy crap, it’s my job to move now!

Ben Gollliver at Sports Illustrated “LeBron James, Cavs squander chance to even Finals in late-game collapse

  • In hindsight, Cleveland’s late-game struggles mimicked Oklahoma City’s in Game 6 of the West finals to the point of eeriness. … Both times, the Warriors dug out of fourth-quarter holes, on the road, by stopping superstar scorers in their tracks.

@MikePradaSBN writes “The Warriors are daring LeBron James to beat them, and he can’t

  • LeBron James is still one of the league’s very best players
  • Last year, the Warriors unveiled a unique strategy to defeat James. They correctly identified James’ court vision as his most dominant skill and elected to shut that off while living with the consequences.

@MattMooreCBS writes “NBA Finals: This one Warriors play likely ended the Cavaliers’ season

  • In an NBA game, there’s not always a defining moment. Sometimes it’s just all the possessions together making a mosaic for whatever team winds up with more points. Sometimes, though, there are plays, often subtle ones, that offer a window into so much more — microcosms, really, of a much bigger story, one that under the right circumstances can wind up shifting championship fortunes, and thus, legacies. …

One team was faster, smarter, hungrier, sharper, and in the end, they hit the shot. The other team was hesitant, out of position, and too late to do anything about it

What shall it be, we will see tomorrow ….!

I am a big fan of LeBron James, but I love them Warriors more … ;o) 

[Update 6/19/16 10:00 PM]

Two more good articles – both good read and insightful observations … :

  1. Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports writes “Mission accomplished: LeBron transforms Cleveland into a winner
  2. @rodger_sherman SB Nation “Never doubt LeBron James again

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