Building a Data Organization that works and works with business

One thing that caught my attention on Netflix’s Neil Hunt’s interview with Gigaom was this :

A Data Organization that works & works with business

Well said. That explains Netflix’s data Science in a nutshell that all Data Scientists should emulate !

From a Chief Data Scientist’s perspective, I really like their way of looking at Data Science viz:

  • The folks who do data Science for the whole business
  • The folks who build algorithms & 
  • The folks who do data engineering

In fact I had a blog on this specialization of Data Science skills

Netflix is putting more weight on actual behavior ! Interesting, we are also seeking similar effects ie differentiate between falling asleep on a couch vs. actually watching a TV show !  It is hard inference … Netflix has the blocker, I have nothing ;o(

Binge watching … interesting … We are actually working on algorithms to figure that out and change the ad mix. I plan to talk more at the TM Forum Digital Disruption Panel on December 9th !

bdtc-py-18-P76Finally, the fact that importance of Netflix recommendation engine is underrated is so true. In many ways the recommendation algorithms and engines are core to many systems.

In fact, we have a reverse recommendation strategy ! We recommend users to ads !


Sherlock Holmes – A quick review

Saw the movie this weekend. I am a Jeremy Brett* fan and (still) think that he is THE personification of Sherlock Holmes.
But time has changed, and am fine with Robert Downey Jr., and Jude Law. And I do think that Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle would be proud the way the new movie turned out ….

  • Enjoyed the movie – Well made & an intelligent film
    • Of course, follows the traditional American movie making style (explains everything) as opposed to the British ones (more cerebral)
  • Not your fathers “arm-chair” detective !
  • Lots of action – I think Guy Ritchie has chosen a balance between smartness and action – enough to begin a new franchise !
    • Of course, the story is all new
    • May be he should redo all the SH books!
    • And I shudder to think what Guy will do with Poirot !
  • Didn’t hear the words “Elementary, Dear Watson” !
  • In fact, the major change is Dr.Watson, a totally different personality – for starters, old Dr.Watson is a gentleman – he would never sock Holmes !
  • I think Robert Downey Jr. captured Holmes’ eccentricity very well – not the edgy and melancholic portrayal by Jeremy Brett
    • He has the crispiness that we saw in Jeremy Brett as well
  • He is very action-oriented – may be he will develop more of a pensive personality in the future films
    • Granted – even Conan Doyle pictures Sherlock as athletic, not a couch potatoe ;o)
  • The sound track is excellent – should be – it is by Hans Zimmer !
    • I have the Dark Knight Audio CD
    • And downloaded the Sherlock Holmes CD yesterday
    • Even while watching the movie, I occasionally noticed the sound tracks – it stands out in many places
    • Will buy the DVD when it comes out, just for the music …
  • Am going to take the little Kaushik sometime soon (He has read all the Sherlock Holmes books – should be interesting to hear his comparison )

* Trivia : Jeremy Brett was born Peter Jeremy William Huggins. Becuase of his career choice, his father forbade him to use the family name. So Jeremy chose the name of the manufacturer of the suit he was wearing – Brett & Co !