Ubuntu 7.10 & 2 X QuadCore Dell PowerEdge SC1430

Just ordered the dual QuadCore (E5310) Dell PowerEdge SC1430 (with no OS, of course ;o)). Plan to use Ubuntu 7.10 on it.

The major functions of the box would be :

1.As a NAS/file server for home

2. For my work on many-core/concurrency/parallelism in python

3. Semantic search project for the San Jose Education Foundation

Should be interesting … I will chronicle my close encounters of the nth kind with Ubuntu 7.10, parallelism et al …

Looking forward to it

[Update Dec 13, 2007]

Memory : Bought and installed 4 GB RAM. Kingston, 2pcs 2GB PC2-5300, DDR2-667 Fully Buffered DIMM. The system came with 2 X 512 RAM. I moved them to the last 2 slots and inserted the 2 GB in the first two slots. System recognizes 5GB now !

Hard Disk – The system comes with 2 SATA Data cables wired for 2 X 3.5″ hard disks. I had Maxtor 300GB disk and it went in nicely. The blue plastic insert works very well.

DVD Drive – The system has a third SATA port, but alas, no data cable ;o( It has 2 SATA power connection, so that was not a problem. So got a SATA data cable from Fry’s, popped the bezel out, installed the DVD drive and connected the cables.

Setup : The system didn’t recogize the disk or DVD. had to move around the setup and enable SATA port 2 and 3. looks like the board can upport 4 SATA, but the 4th one has no connectors. Once enabled (SATA 2 and 3 to AUTO) the bios recognized everything.

Ubuntu: I had made a bootable iso disk of AMD 64 bit Ubuntu. Booted it up and viola – can see 5 GB RAM and 8 CPUs !