Used To Work On …

A few instances from my Journey from 32K EEPROM and C/CPM to Clouds and Social Networking

  • 32K – that is all we had for developing Real Time Control Apps (& that includes UI on TeleRay! CHR$(27)[1;1)
  • C/CPM – Yep, have developed multi-core apps years ago (actually on 8086,macBasic with two tasks in two buffers) for testing aircraft engines
  • UI with effects like venetian blinds – PEEKing and POKEing at B8000 (if you know what I mean ! And then protected mode came – no PEEKing anmore ;o()
  • Have developed Control software – PID Controls et al – for aircraft engines, Caterpillar transmissions, binary nozzles for air flow in F16 planes,… (Using Turbo Pascal!)
    • Think of reliability one needs, when our software is running an aircraft engine at 30,000 rpm and 300% load (and you are standing nearby looking at the debug screen!)
  • Languages worked on include Ada,Cobol (yep, still remember those pesky 99V99s),Pascal,(some) C, Java, now started looking at Scala, Ruby & Erlang
  • Lotus Notes API programming and work on sales and marketing information systems
  • MCSE,LCNS,JCP,CISSP,CCNA & now VCP certifications
  • Security architecture for eSpeak
  • NIST PKI Workshop participation – Programming committee and was chair for one year
  • Sensor Networking
  • MANET & network-centric operations
  • The world of ebXML,RosettaNet,B2B, XML, Tibco,… and work with partners on B2B systems
  • Participating and representing my company at ETSI Specialized Task Force (did some work on Electronic Signatures), W3C, OASIS, JCP et al
  • Guest Lectures at the Naval PG School, Monterey (Cloud Security, sensor networking, programming et al)
  • 3 years at GGSG working on Federal stuff
  • Technology work in the Application Oriented Networking product offering
  • Architecture and development of Web System for logistics company – work load manager et al
  • Distributed Precision Time Synchronization in the order of microSeconds
  • Policy Control Plane for Cloud virtualization
  • Implementing OAuth with added security to the basic protocol
  • Cloud Computing, social and knowledge graphs, OpenSocial et al…
  • And Now at the CTO’s office focussing on Cloud Computing …

Used To Work on …

  • Social & Knowledge Collaboration Networks
    • Architecture of Web 2.0 E2C Gateway (Enterprise/Cloud Communication Gateway) “Appliance”
      • A multi-tenant communication gateway by the side of firewalls to capture the context & then enable inter-enterprise collaboration!
      • Firewalls simply do not have the rich context to manage a L4+ multi-vector collaboration network. May be this reflects the maturity from coordination-networks to collaboration networks.
      • Enterprise-grade OAuth with added security primitive
  • iPhone programming


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