Current Focus – The pitter patter of small feats


I am Krishna Sankar, a Chief Data Scientist with focus on a broader Big Data Infrastructure & Analytics including AI, Recommendation, Classification and NLP/NLU.

Like everybody, I have a variety of interests and like all of us, do not have enough time to pursue all of them to their full extent ;o(

You will see some musings on cloud computing, Big Data, Scala, Clojure, Erlang, p2p mechanics and mechanisms wireless and sensor networks, community networks, urban sensing, robotics, First Lego League, kids, music, open source, ….

You can find me in Quora, Launchpad (storage, compute), twitter, …

  • [1/1/15] Starting CFRM 542 at University of WA towards MS in Computational Finance & Risk, may be even a PhD !
    • Plan to focus on applying Machine Learning and AI for Oversight, Compliance frameworks, Econometrics and so forth. Let us see how this pans out …
  • Big Data TechCon went very well – Apache Spark Machine Learning Slides, ML with R Slides
  • Have put a lot of thought & reading into my Data Science Folk Knowledge Slides. Plan to update soon …
  • pycon tutorial went very well – Data wrangling Slides
  • Chief Data Scientist at BlackArrow – TV Ad Control Plane, Interesting space, good people
  • Starting Stanford Statistics Department – Certificate in Data Mining Certificate
    • Aug 2013 – Completed Stats202
    • Planning Stata290, Stats315A & Stats315B. Class availability is an issue
  • Deep Learning fabric for Enterprise data – Getting there, lots of interesting research
  • Working on a few interesting stuff – too early to say anything about …
  • An interesting tutorial at pydata – Bayesian machine Learning
  • OSCO 2012 went very well – slides and an interview
  • OSCON 2012 Talk “The Art of Social Media Analysis with Twitter & Python” got accepted ! Should be interesting …
  • Joined a bioinformatics company as Lead Software Engineer/Data Scientist (Employee # 64439 to 39 to 9 !) – part of initial engineering team working on a scientific/consumer Bioinformatics Big data Platform (AWS/MongoDB/JBoss ESB/Hadoop)
  • Completed the on-line Artificial Intelligence class (Fall 2011/Basic) by Prof.Tharun/Prof.Norvig
  • Completed the on-line Machine Learning Class (Fall 2011/Advanced) by Prof.Ng with 100% !
  • Am starting Graduate Certificate Course in MMDS (Modern Massive Data Sets) at Stanford. 1st credit course is under Prof. Jure Leskovec & am auditing CS229 under Prof. Andrew Ng. Should be an interesting 10 weeks (Sep-Dec 2011)
  • Now am at Egnyte as Lead Architect, focussing on scalable object store design/development as well as cloud storage security …
  • Architecture and development (across Devops, load test, prod) of 10 X scaling of Cloud Object Store to billions of objects
  • Distributed horizontally scalable infrastructure incl ZooKeeper, MySQL et al
  • Object store security services (Encryption, SSO/SAML Integration and so forth)
  • First quarter ’11, I was focusing on a few technology areas in and out of work realm – as usual cannot give each the required attention:

My linkedIn page and my page in ubuntu launchpad [Ubuntu page might be this due to reorganization]

**[June 17, 2007] I got the idea for the title from the recent Dr.Dobbs Journal last page; will link it when I find it


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